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NEW RELEASE – Archetype Feat Jeswon

Archetype art

Luke Million’s single, ‘Fear The Night’ was the perfect storm of this producer/songwriter dynamic. Featuring the vocals of fellow Adelaide singer/songwriter Jesse Davidson, the track demonstrated a lot of trust from 2 artists from 2 different worlds and the result was a significant coup for both. To add to the diverse field of collaborators, Luke returns with an equally impressive feature from Jeswon of hip hop crew Thundamentals, for the track ‘Archetype’. Walking a straight line down the plaza of electro funk, ‘Archetype’ is a certain tribute to those lady killer anthems of the 80’s. Jeswon drops the MC prefix to deliver a very special vocal performance which brings such a fresh flavour to a genre heading towards a renaissance of late.

Jeswon emphasises ‘Archetype’ was a great opportunity for him to step outside his usual genre of music and do something new as an artist. He says, “Although this song is quite different to any of my previous work, I am proud of ‘Archetype’ and the collaboration with Luke has given me an insight into a genre that I never imagined myself engaging with. As a result of Luke’s unwavering enthusiasm, and despite my hesitation [to sing], he convinced me that I was the right person to lay down the final vocals.”

Luke explains how the collaboration came about: “I found myself at Studios 301 in a writing session with legends Jeswon, Trials and Chance Waters. We were vibing out working on some tracks together, we gelled really well and before we knew it we were channelling funk, hip hop and electronic music into this next level party jam. After a few months sitting on it I knew it had to see the light of day. I re-tracked the instrumental on nearly every bit of vintage gear I have in my studio and hit Jeswon of Thundamentals up to write and lay the final vocals down and he sure brought the goods.”

With a growing awareness for Luke’s authentic production he’s been able to allude to a forthcoming body of work featuring some exciting collaborators across a diverse range of genres. “I think people know what I’m about, and are really excited to be involved.”

Out now via etcetc: http://smarturl.it/Archetype



NEW RELEASE – Fear The Night ft. Jesse Davidson

FearTheNight_Final 1500x1500 (1)

Following the release of his ‘Light & Sound’ EP in late 2014, synth maestro Luke Million and fellow Adelaidean Jesse Davidson pair up to deliver the moody electronic single ‘Fear The Night’.

After a string of remixes for Tkay Maidza, Porsches and Voltaire Twins, ‘Fear The Night’ came out of mutual admiration for one another’s work, and formed a collaboration which they both feel sits at the perfect middle ground between their respective profiles. Luke says “Fear The Night came together so seamlessly. I invited Jesse round to my studio to hang and listen to some music…he was drawn to one demo in particular and within minutes lyrics and melodies started to flow. Working together was awesome, and the finished track was a soundscape that meets somewhere in the middle of both our worlds.”

Out Now on @etcetcmusic

‘Light & Sound’ is Song of the Week on iTunes

Luke Million - Press Shot (Sven Kovac) 1

‘Light & Sound’ is the Single of the Week on iTunes!

Treat yourself to a FREE download: http://po.st/LightSound

‘Light & Sound EP’ is out now on etcetc


Light & Sound EP out today!


Following a string of seminal releases with acclaimed imprints such as Future Classic, Kitsuné and Nurvous, Luke Million proudly joins the etcetc music family with his new EP, ‘Light & Sound’.


Monthly edit/remake series #4 – Robots


“When looking at the history of Electronic Music, you can’t go past the pioneering role of Kraftwerk. They were the first guys out there making music with synths, drum machines and vocoders and making it popular. They are a massive influence for me and I have chosen “The Robots” as my latest remake.

I re-created all the synths on a 1975 Micromoog Synthesizer and added an Oberheim DMX drum machine for a slightly different twist. The vocodering was taken care of by my Roland VP-330, which was definitely my favourite part of this remake. “

Download it for free now using the FREE DOWNLOAD tab or the following link:





another brick 1

Pink Floyd is one of those bands who manage to find their way into everyone’s music collection. I still recall the very first time I listened to ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ lying still on the ground in a darkened room immersing myself in the musical journey. Their songs instantly transport us to another world.

For my latest remake, I have chosen ‘Another Brick In The Wall Part 2’ from the epic double LP ‘The Wall’. There are versions out there that try and slam it out for the dancefloor, but I wanted to create something more true to the mood of the original which is dark and full of unrest.

Re-creating it from scratch, I have kept things simple with LinnDrum and Moog Bass. The VP330 Vocoder is the center piece with splashes of Solina String Machine and Korg MS-20 around it. The Clavinet gets involved as does my favorite synth the Oberheim OB8.

Monthly edit/remake #2 – Riders on The Storm gets the space disco treatment

Riders art (box)

“Most teenage boys go through a Doors phase… I never grew out of it. My friends and I used to throw Doors parties with the Oliver Stone movie in the background whilst we listened to their records. The Doors “Greatest Hits” was actually the first Vinyl I ever purchased.

The keyboard work of Ray Manzarek was amazing and Riders On The Storm was one of my favorite tracks. It features some serious tasty electric piano work. I have tried to stay true to the original by jumping behind a vintage EP, but I couldn’t resist adding Clavinet and sneaking in some Oberheim and Moog synths over a CR78 drum machine beat… and for my final touch, Jim has been reincarnated via the Vp-330 Vocoder.”

Luke unleashes his first in a series of monthly edits/remakes

Luke & Giorgio (Filter)

A tribute to Giorgio Moroder and the late, great Donna Summer.

“I feel love” is one of my absolute favourite tracks of all time. There are plenty of edits/remixes already out there, but I wanted to do something a little different and put a new spin on things.

Only 4 bars of the original music containing the amazing Moog Modular synth bass line was used. The rest was built from scratch in my studio using a Korg MS-20, Roland SH2, Oberheim OB8, Solina String Machine and a Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus.

I locked myself away for days, learning and replaying the ever so tasteful parts created by Giorgio. After trying 3 different vocoders I settled on the VP-330 which was to become the vocal element of this edit. No one can ever replace the amazingness of Donna Summer… I just like vocoders.

Luke Remixes The Swiss

swiss art

For his latest remix, Luke is giving the new single from his own band “The Swiss” a sexy 80’s synth / R&B reworking. The EP “In The City” is due for release on Kitsuné April 21.