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Monthly edit/remake series #4 – Robots


“When looking at the history of Electronic Music, you can’t go past the pioneering role of Kraftwerk. They were the first guys out there making music with synths, drum machines and vocoders and making it popular. They are a massive influence for me and I have chosen “The Robots” as my latest remake.

I re-created all the synths on a 1975 Micromoog Synthesizer and added an Oberheim DMX drum machine for a slightly different twist. The vocodering was taken care of by my Roland VP-330, which was definitely my favourite part of this remake. “

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another brick 1

Pink Floyd is one of those bands who manage to find their way into everyone’s music collection. I still recall the very first time I listened to ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ lying still on the ground in a darkened room immersing myself in the musical journey. Their songs instantly transport us to another world.

For my latest remake, I have chosen ‘Another Brick In The Wall Part 2’ from the epic double LP ‘The Wall’. There are versions out there that try and slam it out for the dancefloor, but I wanted to create something more true to the mood of the original which is dark and full of unrest.

Re-creating it from scratch, I have kept things simple with LinnDrum and Moog Bass. The VP330 Vocoder is the center piece with splashes of Solina String Machine and Korg MS-20 around it. The Clavinet gets involved as does my favorite synth the Oberheim OB8.

Monthly edit/remake #2 – Riders on The Storm gets the space disco treatment

Riders art (box)

“Most teenage boys go through a Doors phase… I never grew out of it. My friends and I used to throw Doors parties with the Oliver Stone movie in the background whilst we listened to their records. The Doors “Greatest Hits” was actually the first Vinyl I ever purchased.

The keyboard work of Ray Manzarek was amazing and Riders On The Storm was one of my favorite tracks. It features some serious tasty electric piano work. I have tried to stay true to the original by jumping behind a vintage EP, but I couldn’t resist adding Clavinet and sneaking in some Oberheim and Moog synths over a CR78 drum machine beat… and for my final touch, Jim has been reincarnated via the Vp-330 Vocoder.”

Luke unleashes his first in a series of monthly edits/remakes

Luke & Giorgio (Filter)

A tribute to Giorgio Moroder and the late, great Donna Summer.

“I feel love” is one of my absolute favourite tracks of all time. There are plenty of edits/remixes already out there, but I wanted to do something a little different and put a new spin on things.

Only 4 bars of the original music containing the amazing Moog Modular synth bass line was used. The rest was built from scratch in my studio using a Korg MS-20, Roland SH2, Oberheim OB8, Solina String Machine and a Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus.

I locked myself away for days, learning and replaying the ever so tasteful parts created by Giorgio. After trying 3 different vocoders I settled on the VP-330 which was to become the vocal element of this edit. No one can ever replace the amazingness of Donna Summer… I just like vocoders.

Luke Remixes The Swiss

swiss art

For his latest remix, Luke is giving the new single from his own band “The Swiss” a sexy 80′s synth / R&B reworking. The EP “In The City” is due for release on Kitsuné April 21.

Linger Remix


Luke Million remixes fellow Australian disco band Midnight Pool Party, bringing italo synths and vocoder to the party.

Sweet Talk Remix


For your listening pleasure, a synthesizer fuelled journey into 80′s pop with the remix of Sterling Silver’s “Sweet Talk”

Midnight Galaxy EP available on iTunes

LM Midnight Galxy

The Midnight Galaxy EP is now available to purchase on iTunes


New Mixtape [Free Download]


A Mini Mix for “Fingers On Blast” featuring a bunch of fun jams sure to get summery vibes flowing.

Midnight Galaxy EP Out Today

LM Midnight Galxy


Luke Million returns with his new EP “Midnight Galaxy” courtesy of uber chic New York Nu Disco label – Nurvous Records.

Following up the success of his debut “Italo Journey / Octobussy” EP and cult classic “Arnold / Sunsplash” EP on Future Classic. Luke brings to the table two disco gems with an impressively weighty remix package featuring Grum, Pete Herbert, Poupon and Den Hetrix.

Midnight at its essence encapsulates space disco. Luke’s trademark sound of luscious analog synthesizers, punching synth bass and vintage drum machines are fused with an ethereal vocal that is both intriguing and mesmerizing.

Galaxy’s rambunctious bass line resonates right through you and with a nod to Luke’s ‘French Disco’ influences packs one hell of a punch. Be prepared for an intense breakdown sure to get even the stiffest of legs moving and wreak havoc on the dancefloor.

Grum knows how to command the dance floor. He has carved up an epic build and breakdown in his banging remix of Midnight with a synth bass line that will grab you by the balls, in the best way possible of course.

Pete Herbert turns on the summer vibes. This feel good take on Midnight bounces along and is guaranteed to transport you to sandy beaches, Pina Coladas and relieve you of any care in the world.

Poupon takes it deep with a hypnotic bassline, popping percussion and heavily effected vocals gives this remix a fresh twist transforming it into an untamable beast of its own.

Den Hetrix dishes up a sonic journey with the airy vocals elevated by dreamy strings. This remix boasts a beautiful delicateness to it destined to put you in a nice warm place. Warm and fuzzies.

The icing on this delicious disco cake comes in the form of Luke’s very own alternate version of Midnight. It is guaranteed to transport you back to the early 90’s with flavours of Deep Forrest and Ace of Bass. Keep your ears peeled for signature flute, Korg m1 piano and Dx7 bass. This is sure to get us all a bit nostalgic for the 90’s for all the right reasons.

This latest offering from Luke along with his most recent remixes for Moullinex and Olympic Ayres will fill 2013 and beyond with contagious happiness and disco dancefloor mania.